Tips for Maximizing Your Garage Storage Space

Your garage is the first thing you see when you arrive home after a long day away. If you can’t even pull into your parking space due to overflowing clutter, this doesn’t send the most welcoming message to your and your family. Austin homeowners can benefit from custom garage organization systems that are designed to maximize your available storage space, and keep it clutter-free for good. We are sharing our go-to tips to help reclaim this misused space.

Determine a Layout Before you start to clear your garage, you should plan out your desired layout. Think about how you use your garage currently, as well as how you would like to use your garage in the future. If there are certain issues you’re having now, like not enough space to open doors fully or inadequate bike storage, take note of that to share with our team.

Before installation begins, our expert contractors will help you determine the best design for your garage cabinet systems. During our initial consultation, we’ll evaluate your space and take all of your concerns into account. We can make expert recommendations about how to completely maximize your garage storage space.

Relocate Unnecessary Items After you have determined your ideal layout, next on the agenda is to evaluate the items you store in your garage. Some things should not be stored in the garage because it’s inefficient or unsafe. Pet food and household items like paper towels, for example, attract pests and rodents. These items should be kept indoors. Pet food should always be kept in an air tight container. Other items like barbecue propane tanks are dangerous to store in unventilated spaces. Placing these items in designated areas can open up some much-needed shelf space in your garage.

Custom Cabinet Installation One of the best things you can add to your garage is a custom cabinet system from Austin Closet Solutions. We have partnered with Organizers Direct to carry their line of durable, visually stunning line of garage cabinets. Without an organization solution in place, most belongings would be left to sit on the floor, exposed to the elements. We affix each cabinet system to the wall and completely off the ground so everything you need to store in your garage is protected from dust, water and pests. We have designed our garage cabinets to be fully functional and easy to use. Our adjustable shelving is extremely durable and allows for access to every item. Our cabinets don’t have awkward support beams that make it impossible to fit large storage bins on shelves. This extra room allows homeowners to store the most essential items in easy to reach areas.

Utilize the Walls Leave no space untouched when it comes to organization, walls included. Austin homeowners should consider adding wall mounted racks paired with gridwall or slatwall to maximize every inch of their garage. Our exclusive accessories allow you to securely hang items like sports gear, bikes and lawn care equipment from the wall. This keeps items off the ground and gives you the option to park your vehicle where it belongs.

Add a Work Bench Whether you work out of your garage every day, or only use it occasionally, most homeowners can benefit from a garage workbench. We will custom build your workbench storage system to fit into your space so it meets your exact needs. If you don’t have a large tool collection, you can still use the fully expandable drawers to store smaller items that could get lost in larger cabinets. Don’t settle for storing your belongings on the ground or in tight cabinets. Our professional contractors can design a garage organization system that works for you and your family. Contact us today to set up a free consultation!

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