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Storage FAQs

Need to optimize your space, but not sure how? With years of experience designing and installing storage solutions for closets, garages, and other unique spaces, our team at Austin Closet Solutions can help you find the perfect design for your custom closet or storage space. Read through our frequently asked questions about our custom closets and garage storage solutions to help guide your latest home renovation or call us for a free consultation.

Custom Closets

Depending on the size, space, and design, a custom closet can cost between $3,500 – 10,000 on average. Each build is customized to your space and designed specifically for you. Call our team for a free consultation for a more accurate price on your custom closet design.
Yes! Not only does a custom design help you organize and make better use of your space, but it also adds real value to your home. A custom closet is an excellent investment and aids in the resale of your home if you ever decide to sell.
Yes, we do in-home estimates. Call our team or fill out our contact form to schedule your in-home estimate today.
You can expect your custom closet to be finished in just 1-3 days! After you’ve reviewed and approved your 3D custom storage design, we can install your new closet design in just a few days.
We have a variety of closet accessories available for your custom closet design. During your estimate, we can discuss valet rods, hampers, jewelry tray inserts, lighting, and more. We can even customize space specifically for your ties, belts, and scarves. If there are any specific accessories you’d like to include, let our designers know before they get started.
It’s super easy to prepare for your closet remodel. Just remove any clothing, current storage, or other miscellaneous items from your closet space and we can begin working.

Garage Storage

A garage storage system can cost anywhere between $3,500-6,000 on average. However, the price can increase depending on the size of your garage and the design you have in mind. The average cost of a custom garage storage system from Austin Closet Solutions is around $8,000 for the homes we’ve worked on throughout Texas.

Our team does an excellent job of optimizing large garage spaces and giving you the best organizational system for your unique space.
Our garage storage systems are made from fully enclosed, heat-infused melamine cabinets. We also offer metal storage racks and polycarbonate grid racks depending on your preference, design, and space. To find out more about the materials we use, and which racks work best with your space, call our team today.
The garage storage designs at Austin Closet Solutions are a great choice for your garage space. Our organization systems are customized to fit your garage and truly optimized your storage. But that’s not the only benefit. We offer dust-free storage, sealed cabinets, and aesthetically pleasing designs.

You have a place for each tool, car rag, and cleaner in one neatly organized space that is tailored to your specific needs.
Yes! Our goal is to help you find the perfect solution for your home’s unique garage space. During your consultation ask about our overhead storage racks or fully electric racks that come down to the floor when needed.
At Austin Closet Solutions we love our large, deep storage garage cabinets to help store everything you want and need in your garage. These durable, floating cabinets boast a 500lb capacity per cabinet making them the perfect choice for garage storage.
DIY garage storage can be dangerous and difficult without experience due to the type of cabinets we generally use to create our garage storage systems. Though a DIY project could include a different type of storage, it may not meet the needs of your garage or have the number of accessories and customizations you can find at Austin Closet Solutions

Our design team also uses innovative 3D design software to plan your design and see the results before we do any actual work. This means you can see what your new garage storage system will look like before it’s installed and make any modifications long before breaking out a tool.

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