Garage Shelving and Overhead Storage

Organize Your Garage with Our Custom Shelving Systems

When it comes to garage organization, the importance of garage shelving and overhead storage can’t be understated. Our custom garage shelving options are designed for the specific dimensions of your garage. These customizable systems can be altered to fit your needs and help you maximize the space of your garage. It’s rare that garages are only used for parking cars. Items such as tools, sports equipment, coolers, seasonal decorations are commonplace in most garages. Over time, this collection can become cluttered making it difficult to even navigate from your car to your home. Garage shelving systems are a perfect solution to help organize your garage by providing an out-of-the-way storage area. The versatile nature of our shelving systems allows for almost endless customizations to fit your garage. Another benefit of garage shelving is the mounting options. They can be mounted to the ceiling, walls, or as stand-alone units. Rail tracking also help provide options for the ultimate customizable storage areas. How often items will be accessed is something that should be considered when deciding on mounting options. Weight capacity should also be considered if you plan on storing particularly heavy items.

Overhead Storage Options

When utilizing areas in your garage, don’t forget about the space above your car and workbench. Custom overhead shelving is a great solution for items you don’t often use like holiday decorations, camping gear, or your once-a-year garage sale items. Overhead shelving can be tricky, so we recommend hiring a professional to assist with installation. Austin Closets Solutions understands the challenges you may face when deciding on shelves and overhead storage for your garage. Especially considering almost every garage is different. We can help you plan and design a perfect custom shelving solution to meet all your overhead storage needs.

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